Dillard Funeral stresses the importance of planning ahead of time. It makes things much easier on the family.  A pre arranged funeral is when a person, couple or legal next of kin makes all the funeral arrangements before a person dies. It’s always wise to make prearrangments for yourself long before you have to think about it.

Making prearrangments is particularly helpful for the family because it saves them time, having to make unknown decisions and gives the remaining family a sense of fulfillment as they know they are carrying out their loved one’s wishes.

A person may also pre-fund a funeral, or pay for it before they pass away. Often, an existing life insurance is not in place, or may not be enough to cover obligations.  The funds for a pre-funded funeral can be placed in an irrevocable burial reserve with a local bank so that NOBODY can touch the money until death occurs. We also offer burial insurance.

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