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— Are your affairs in order?
Losing someone you care about is difficult, and it can be even worse when that person’s financial and legal information is in disarray. It’s surprising that only 44% of Americans have a will. (Gallop Poll, May 2016). Make things easier for those you love by creating a will, obtaining funeral insurance and leaving directions for funeral arrangements. We can help with the Dillard’s My Care Plan.
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Why final expense planning is so important
Having insurance is an important financial safeguard for all circumstances — home fires, auto accidents, medical expenses. Life insurance is arguably even more critical. Death never happens at a convenient time. Imagine the stress you save with proper planning for every member of  your family. learn more


— Losing an adult child

It doesn’t seem right. It feels like it’s just not the natural order of things for a parent to out-live a parent, right? Some times it doesn’t work out that way.  You can get through itlearn more


Grief at the Office

How do you handle grief when you still have to work? Taking the time you need, being kind to yourself, staying active and outside of your own head, and choosing to use your loved one’s passing as a chance to refocus on your own life and living it to the fullest are ways in which these grief-stricken writers have learned to work through death to experience a better life, especially while at work.learn more


Helping Children Cope with Loss

When students must cope with the death of a classmate, parent, teacher or someone else they know, reactions may vary depending on the circumstances. Grief counselors offer several important tips. Get the hand-out
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